Give us a call or send us an email to place your catering order. 

Catering Spreads

We've designed several spread options to accommodate any occasion. Combine spreads, or chose a single spread to serve your guests.

Spread for 8-10

Comes with 30 dumplings, 1 large noodle tray, 1 small protein tray, 1 small slaw and 1 box of taro chips. 



Spread for 20-25

Comes with 90 dumplings, 2 large noodle trays, 1 large protein tray, 1 large slaw and 2 boxes of taro chips. 



Spread for 50-60

Comes with 180 dumplings, 5 large noodle trays, 2 large protein trays, 2 large slaw trays and 3 boxes of taro chips. 



Catering Trays

Add any of the following trays to your catering spread for a custom Three Fold dining experience.

Dumpling Tray

Thirty house-made shui jiao filled with our choice of protein. Come with non-spicy and spicy dunking sauce. Serves 8-10.



Noodle Tray

House-made noodles tossed in a sesame-based sauce. Comes with cilantro, pickled veggies and spicy oil.

Sm (serves 4-6) 16.5

Lg (serves 8-10) 33

Protein Tray

Braised shredded chicken, shredded pork, or tofu marinated in our non-spicy pepper sauce.

Sm (serves 8-10) 33

Lg (serves 15-20) 65

Slaw Tray

A pan of freshly made vinegar-based cabbage slaw, sesame-based carrot slaw or garlic-based cucumber slaw (seasonal).

Sm (serves 8-10) 15

Lg (serves 15-20) 30

Box of Sesame Balls

A box of our freshly fried sesame balls. Comes with 60 sesame balls. Serves 8-10.



Box of Taro Chips

A box of our in-house sliced, freshly fried taro chips. Serves 8-10